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Nodar Janashia

I was born in 1990 in Kiev, Ukraine and moved to Brooklyn, NY in 2002.

I started getting interested in accounting so I joined an 'Academy of Finance' program available in my school. This gave me an opportunity to do an internship at one of the Big 4 accounting firms - Ernst & Young - while still in high-school.

In 2012, I graduated Fordham University with a Bachelor’s in Accounting & Finance. Throughout college I worked in the corporate tax department of another big accounting firm - BDO - and spent a semester studying international economics in the City University of London, UK.

Shortly after graduating, I decided to join a small budgeting and forecasting software company as a financial modeling analyst and essentially ended up taking charge of sales & marketing. I spent a lot of time working with both businesses and CPA firms and realized there were some big inefficiencies in CPA finding & hiring processes. So I curated a network of around 300 on-demand CPAs and in September 2016 launched a web-app for businesses to easily find, hire and work with licensed accountants online:

Today this marketplace continues connecting businesses with high quality CPAs. I’ve automated most back-end operations and stepped away from day-to-day tasks to join Open Finance.

In June 2017 I stumbled upon a crypto mining tutorial from Vice and was immediately intrigued. Not by potential profit opportunities but by the process of verifying the validity of all transactions - something that hasn’t been changed since Luca Pacioli introduced the double-entry accounting system in 15th century which we still rely on today.

When Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the blockchain technology with Bitcoin in 2008, he solved what Luca missed in his system — gaining trust of outsiders during an exchange of value without relying on independent public auditors. By combining cryptography, economics and game theory, blockchains help us reach consensus without relying on banks, independent auditors and powerful corporations.

The internet disinter-mediated traditional media over the last twenty years by providing wealth building tools to content creators. Blockchain technology is doing to finance what the internet did to the media by democratizing the creation of new financial instruments. My goal at the moment is to start or join a team that shares this vision. In the meantime, I’ve been creating free educational content as much as I can.

In February 2018, I attended the Asia Pacific Ethereum Meetup in hopes of interviewing Vitalik Buterin with my brother as my ‘camera man’. Besides having an experience of a life-time conducting the interview, I was happy to see my younger brother ignite with passion for the open finance movement. We also attended Ethereum Edcon in Toronto and hosted free educational presentations in Kiev, Ukraine and Susan E. Wagner High School in Staten Island, NY.

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Testing popular Open Finance ('DeFi') projects.

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