Proof of Traction Capital is an investment firm focused exclusively on crypto-assets.

consulting services

We offer 1-1 private consulting sessions on how to:

-Securely create and maintain crypto wallets.
-Collateralize crypto assets and borrow USD with.
-File taxes on crypto investments.
-Build decentralized applications.
-Analyze blockchain based projects.
-Diversify your crypto-asset portfolio.
-Start mining cryptocurrencies.
-Trade cryptocurrencies on Decentralized Exchanges.
...and more!

How it works:


Pick a time from a calendar below.


Join 1-1 screen-share video session.


Pay after if satisfied.
$150 flat-rate per session.

valuation models

This is not investment advice. Models are strictly for educational purposes only. Feel free to download and plug in your own assumptions. I hope it helps you better understand token economics as you change assumption and analyze effects. I left notes as comments in Google Sheets. There are a lot of assumptions here and I'm sure I missed a lot of data points. Would love your feedback and suggestions!

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about us

Nodar Janashia


Invested in 20+ early stage blockchain-based projects.

Realized over 150X return on investments from July 2017.

Last 12 months I've been digging deeper into consensus mechanisms and token economics while hosting free educational presentations whenever possible.

Interviewed Vitalik Buterin while attending the Asia Pacific Ethereum meetup in Bangkok, attended Ethereum Edcon in Toronto, NEO Devcon in San Francisco, hosted educational presentations to investment bankers in Kiev, Ukraine and students at Wagner High School in Staten Island, NY.

Published several crypto asset valuation models:

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Proof of Traction Capital is an investment firm focused exclusively on crypto-assets.

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